About us

Byske Karamellfabrik, formerly Carlstens Karamellfabrik, is one of Byske's oldest companies. The company has been producing caramels since 1906 when it was founded by Ester Carlsten.

In 1962, 18 people worked at Carlstens and 113 tons of caramels were produced.

The factory was owned by the Carlsten family until 1988 when Carlstens was sold to Tomas Kågström. In 1992, Per Vikstöm also joined as a partner, they have over the years invested in a steam cooking equipment to get better quality products and to be able to increase the production volume.

Pär Lundgren started as an apprentice in 1986 and remained in the business until 1997.

During the years 1994-1997, the factory was run solely by Pär Lundgren during that time, 60 tons / year were produced.

In 2006 the company was transformed into a limited company under the new name Byske Karamellfabrik AB.

In 2013, the business was bought by Ludvig Viklund who ran the factory until May 2022.

The new owner from 2022 is Pär Lundgren who once again took over the factory.

Now we are focusing on increasing production and also getting more employees.

Already in 2022, we increased production from 23 tons to 43 tons.

In 2023, we have further increased production from 43 tons to 54 tons.

And we aim to further increase our production in 2024.